80s Costumes: 80s Makeup to Complement the Costumes

80s Costumes: 80s Makeup to Complement the Costumes

Indeed, with every decade comes its own unique features in terms of fashion and style. The 80s were known for their extra-ordinary fashion, some seen as fads while others were highly craved for. Also, 80s costumes and fashion were strictly matched with 80s makeups. So, if you really want to reflect the 80s fashion perfectly, you need to adhere to certain style and manner of makeup application. Keep reading…

80s Makeup to Match the 80s Costumes

80s Makeup for the Eyes and Cheeks

The first thing you must know about the 80s makeup is the excessive application. The ladies in the 80s literally caked and painted their faces just to complement their 80s costumes. Two elements particularly defined the makeups in the 1980s – blushing to accentuate the cheek bones, and heavy eyeshadow to achieve bold eyes. This will ring bell to people who lived in the 80s.

So, as far as 80s clothing and fashion were concerned, you will look better if the blush comes out heavier and the eye shadow gets easily noticeable. You will be simply left out from the real 80s looks if your face didn’t look anything clownish.

Surprisingly, the heavy face painting that characterized the 80s is fast becoming the in-thing in the 21st century! Perhaps, one of the 80’s fashion and music queen that inspired heavy makeup was Cyndi Lauper. You will gain a lot of inspiration on how to complement your 80s costumes with 80s makeup by watching Cyndi’s musical albums. Other female superstars in the 80s also painted their faces heavily.

The popular Makeup Items: Particularly, the 80s witnessed a heavy use of eyeliner, bright pink blush, as well as orange eyeshadow. And, the women of this decade wore multiple bangles, one-shoulder-off large top, and fingerless glove to go with their heavy makeup.

Even men were caught up in the heavy-makeup rage…

Sure, the women were not all alone in the heavy makeup rage, men also got entangled with the phenomenon. Of course, some men refused to play along. Particularly, a good number of the male rock stars did caked and painted their faces – does the Twisted Sisters ring a bell? If you want to get some inspirations on how the 80s rock stars applied their makeup, check out “Brand New Lover” video by Dead or Alive. It’s a perfect example of how the 80s men complemented their 80s costumes with makeups.

If you really want to reflect the 80s fully, you would need to complement the 80s costumes with the 80s makeup, it doesn’t matter if you are a guy or girl. And, it will definitely work well for both party and Halloween fashion