Look Here Guys!Bringing back memories from the 80s would be a good idea if you want to look unique for a themed party or Halloween party. Get ready to step out in very bright colors. That was the mark of the 80s clothing aside other unique accessories. Their hairstyle was funky, with the long gold chains and jewellery. People in the 80s drew inspiration mostly from movies and musical videos where they watched their favorite celebrity icons rock the outfits of the era.

It was trendy to look preppy in the 80s. The Brook Brothers, Polos, Lacoste, popped collars, ribbon belts, prints and a couple more make up the preppy look. If you put on a jean jacket, start by turning the collars up. It is not the tight, skin-exposing 80s clothing you would see around today. You can complement them with a polo shirt under the jacket. This almost uniform-like costume was makes you appear classic and charming. Remember to keep them neat though.

No1: get the preppy look

No2: Jam Shorts

Jam shorts are the mid-length shorts often graced by surfers. It was highly popular back in the 80s and was worn not just by the guys, the girls too. The shorts were characterized by their floral and abstract patterns and often came in stunning bright colors. Jam shorts come in straight cut which makes it more accustomed to the guys than girls. These shorts are still trendy today and will be a really good idea for a themed party. Complement it with befitting upper clothing such as a brightly colored t-shirt.

No3: the painted look

This is very easy to do by yourself. All you need a large paint brush, tooth brush and of course, some paint. Splatter paint on an old shirt or sweatshirt. Back in the 80s, these painted outfits were suitable to men and women. It is surely a great way to catch attention at themed parties without breaking the bank.

No4: Acid Wash Jeans and Massively-Ripped Jeans

Acid wash jeans were a “must-have” in the late 80s. Everyone wanted to be seen in them. They are casual denim jeans put through a chemical process to strip off the color, thereby leaving marbled navy-blue streaks on a white background. It’s not just the acid wash jeans. In the 1980s, you’d often see people donning jeans with large tears

No5: The Rapper’s Attire

This is another way to get attention at any themed party. Rappers in the 80s often wore athletic 80s clothing. You could complement them with a jump suit and sneakers.

Borrowing from any of these ideas, you will be creating a fashion statement for animal parties, 70s parties, 80s parties or at any themed party.