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Top 3 80s Fashion ideas for Today’s Guys

Top 3 80s Fashion ideas for Today’s Guys

When people refer to the 80s as the ‘decade of excess’, it wasn’t just for nothing. So many things were done in excess, especially fashion, hairstyles and lifestyles generally. The 80s fashions depicted a period when men were crazy about the popular “mullet” while women were all the rage for “big hair”.  Also, loud makeup and crazy fashion statements. Right now, the 80s clothing and styles are back in more enhanced forms. And, you can choose from inexhaustible list of themes when trying to replicate the classic 80s looks.

Here are top 5 80s fashion ideas to achieve that classic 80s looks in the 21st century;

#1: Mullet Man Look

The things you will need to achieve the Mullet Man look are;

  • Black muscle tee
  • Mullet
  • Concert shirt with r...
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