Top 3 80s Fashion ideas for Today’s Guys

Top 3 80s Fashion ideas for Today’s Guys

When people refer to the 80s as the ‘decade of excess’, it wasn’t just for nothing. So many things were done in excess, especially fashion, hairstyles and lifestyles generally. The 80s fashions depicted a period when men were crazy about the popular “mullet” while women were all the rage for “big hair”.  Also, loud makeup and crazy fashion statements. Right now, the 80s clothing and styles are back in more enhanced forms. And, you can choose from inexhaustible list of themes when trying to replicate the classic 80s looks.

Here are top 5 80s fashion ideas to achieve that classic 80s looks in the 21st century;

#1: Mullet Man Look

The things you will need to achieve the Mullet Man look are;

  • Black muscle tee
  • Mullet
  • Concert shirt with ripped sleeves
  • Bandana
  • Work boots
  • Skin-tight faded jeans


This is how it works: walk into your local wig store and buy a ‘mullet’. You can search your closet for the rest of the items or simply visit a thrift store to buy them cheap.

So, now that you’ve assembled these 80s fashion ideas items together, you are ready to dress up in mullet man fashion. First, attach the mullet to your hair at the back. Wear your concert shirt or go for a black muscle t-shirt. The concert shirt’s sleeves should be ripped off. Wear your tight-skin acid-washed jeans and also use the bandana as a muffler around your neck. Put on a pair of work boot to complement your Mullet Man look.

#2: Preppie Look

Another popular 80s fashion is the preppie look. Men and guys were usually seen in hot preppie fashion. The items used to achieve this look are basically the following;

  • Plaid or khaki shorts/pants
  • Short haircut
  • Polo shirt – usually green or pink with collar turned up
  • Boot shoes
  • Penny loafers
  • Sweaters to be tied around the shoulders
  • White sneakers or boat shoes
  • Grosgrain belt

That’s all you need to dress up in a preppie manner. This look is fast becoming a trend in today’s fashion world and thus, can be integrated into different fashion concepts such as party wears, Halloween costumes, casual outfits and more.

#3: The Rock Star Fashion/Look

Also, the 80s fashion ideas couldn’t have been mentioned without including the then popular rock star look. When thinking about this look, what comes to mind quickly is the picture of Axl Rose.

The items you would need to look like a rock star are basically the following;

  • Long wig
  • Bandana
  • Skin-tight jeans
  • Leather vest or black tee
  • Cowboy or work boot
  • Leather band bracelet
  • Silver necklace.

This is how it works: wear the leather vest or black tee over your skin-tight jeans. Wear your long wig and tie the bandana around your neck or the waist. Put on your work boots or the cowboy type and complement the entire look with a leather band bracelet and silver necklace.

Experiment with any of these top 3 80s fashion in any form and style of your choice.