80s Fashion

80s fashion



FunWirks.com is your source for the best costumes in the world from the most popular decades. They have the costumes that feature some of the most popular 80’s fashion designs including those based on some favorite activities like Pac-Man video games or the brain teaser, Rubik’s Cube! Some of the most popular 80’s fashion trends included hairstyles and FunWirks has the wigs to give you the head-to-toe 80’s fashion look you want!


The movie “Flashdance” inspired some significant 80’s fashion trends including torn sweatshirts, headbands, and lots of different kinds of leg warmers. Choose from the Sweatshirt Dress, Bodysuit Set, Costume and Wild Curl Wig at FunWirks to create the look that was such a large part of the 80’s fashion scene. Another important trendsetter who played a large role in the 80’s fashion trends that were a regular part of young people’s daily wear was Madonna. You can go back in time with the Material Girl with the Lucky Diva Costume, Three Cross Chain Set, Awesome Leggings and Petticoat Dress. Her Icon Costume, Funky Popstar costume, and Borderline costume are just some of the fun choices that you can make.


When looking at 80’s fashion, men had some fun choices as well. The Rocky IV Costume is a choice that many men love! The costume comes with the red and white striped shorts with “Rocky” print on front waistband, robe, sash and gloves. Another great choice for creating 80s fashion men still love today is the Blues Brothers Kit. Just add these accessories to your black suit and you will love like a member of the comical duo. While Edward Scissorhands wasn’t exactly the trendsetter for 80s fashion, he did offer one of the looks in 80’s fashion men can enjoy for Halloween! In addition to the complete costume, you will also find accessories for the costume that you can purchase individually.


Many of the 80’s fashion trends that translate into great costumes for him are those that were inspired by rockers. Whether he chooses the Kiss Makeup to create a look like any member of the band, dons the Michael Jackson Legend costume, rocks with the Billy Idol Costume or creates a rock persona of his own using all the great accessories, there is everything you need to rock in style. Faux leather pants and a wide selection of wigs make it easy to mimic the looks of any of the known, or not-so-well-known, rockers of the 80’s!


Go to DressCostume.com to browse the entire selection of costumes that feature the 80’s fashion we all love and also those trends that you would rather forget about! FunWirks has the best collection of 80’s costumes in the world and they have choices that each man, woman, and even kids will love. Choose from numerous looks by known artists such as Madonna and Michael Jackson and look great for a truly rockin’ party! Check out all of the accessories so that you don’t miss a single detail to make your event one that truly stands out!



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