Tips to Make Madonna Outfits more compelling

Tips to Make Madonna Outfits more compelling for your costume party.

Nobody who was around in the 80s will quickly forget the waves that Madonna created. This pop star was popular for different costumes which she used to pass different messages across during her many concerts. Subsequently, dressing like Madonna became the in-thing during this era. And, up to this moment, Madonna costumes are still popular, especially for themed parties and Halloween. Although Madonna’s outfit is out of fashion and most people would not want to look awkward with complete Madonna attire in this 21st century, there are creative ways to recreate the outfits that Madonna wore in the 80s.

Diva Star Madonna outfits

The Madonna outfits Diva Star costume

Madonna costume offers an entertaining atmosphere in any occasion. Luckily, it doesn’t require much to mimic this pop star’s outfits. You can check through your closet or visit a nearby thrift store.
Here are helpful tips to create Madonna Outfit; Crop a Normal T-Shirt
Lay hold of your old regular t-shirt and crop it down to midriff-exposing size. Cut off the buttons on the shirt with scissors in a way that it would rest between the bottom of your bra and your belly button. Use your scissors to rip the shirt into a couple of pieces and position the pieces in a way that would not expose your undergarments.
Wear Capri-length Leggings:

The next step in creating your own Madonna outfits is to wear Carpi-length leggings. Wrap tulle around a thin belt to create a tutu-style skirt. Ensure the tulle is centered over the belt strap vertically. Allow the two long ends of the tulle to hang while you tie it into a knot. Keep adding more pieces to make the tulle full. Make the tulle into a 2ft length by cutting it, cut the skirt as well, into several strips. Make the tutu fluffy by trimming it with scissors and also putting the large-sized belt around your waist, so that it overlaps the thin belt and the tutu’s waist.
Integrate Rhinestones to Your Jean Pocket
When you do this, position the rhinestones along the back and shoulders. Use scissors to create holes in the arms of the jacket. Make the tears more conspicuous by gently tugging on holes on the jacket.
Prepare Your Hair
The best hairdo to reflect Madonna outfits is teased or crimped hair thus making the hair full; use spray lavishly on the hair so that it would stand out. Use a piece of tulle to form a headband around your head. Make a bow with the tulle serving as headband and make it to stay stylishly over one side of the face.
Make Up
Typical makeup to complement Madonna dressing include lavish amount of eyeliner, which you can also use to create a mock-Madonna mole. Complete the makeup with red lipstick and so adding fingerless gloves would be a great addition to a Madonna Outfit.