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80’s Costumes and Clothes Ideas for Kids

80’s Costumes and Clothes Ideas for Kids

There are varieties of styles available for kids who want to dress in the 80s for Halloween or theme party. The 80’s costumes are not just for adults but also for kids. The 1980s era was a period characterized by various fashion trends and kids were not left out.

Let your kids catch fun and bring back the days of the 80s by dressing in 80s retro chic manner, whether for Halloween or party. Keep reading to get inspiration and ideas on how to dress kids in the 80s fashion.

Rocker Boys

Becoming a rocker boy has been made easy with just a couple of 80s fashion ideas. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is to have a boy dress in dark leather jackets and skinny jeans to provide a heavy-metal look.

Alternatively, a boy can rock with brightly colo...

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Tips to Make Madonna Outfits more compelling

Tips to Make Madonna Outfits more compelling for your costume party.

Nobody who was around in the 80s will quickly forget the waves that Madonna created. This pop star was popular for different costumes which she used to pass different messages across during her many concerts. Subsequently, dressing like Madonna became the in-thing during this era. And, up to this moment, Madonna costumes are still popular, especially for themed parties and Halloween. Although Madonna’s outfit is out of fashion and most people would not want to look awkward with complete Madonna attire in this 21st century, there are creative ways to recreate the outfits that Madonna wore in the 80s.

Diva Star Madonna outfits

The Madonna outfits Diva Star costume

Madonna costume offers an entertaining atmosphere in any occasion...

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80s Costumes: Party Like You Belong in the 80s!

80s Costumes: Party Like You Belong in the 80s!

The 80’s was one of the decades that a lot of people considered fun, exciting and neat! Throwing an 80’s themed party in the 90s wouldn’t have been right because there were those who were trying to forget the 80s.  Now, hosting 80s themed parties is a trend – at least one person on the block or neighborhood has hosted a 80s themed party! 80s costumes have actually influenced a lot of today’s fashion! The 80s will always remain one of the “coolest” decades of the last millennium.

80s Costumes for Men and Women

An 80’s theme party is no doubt a great choice because the style and fashions of the 80s was quite bold and really vibrant. The movies of that era were memorable and the music was varied and sensational...

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80s Costumes and Ideas

80s Fashion

Pac Man Game Dress

The 80s fashion style has its own unique touch; from acid wash jeans to torn shirts, leg warmers and crimped, the 1980s was so special in its own way. Therefore, 80s Fashion is something worth reflecting in the 21st century, whether you want to attend a party or look different this Halloween. And, the good news is, it doesn’t cost much to dress in 80s style, you only need to get creative.

The following costume ideas reflect the 80s era perfectly;

Madonna Look

The Madonna look is a great way to achieve an iconic pop look of the 80s era. The major outfits and items to achieve this look include the following;

  • Puffy tutu skirt
  • Fingerless lace gloves
  • Bright colored tights
  • Crimped hair
  • Leather studded jacket
  • Ray Ban Sunglasses
  • Boot
  • Accessories – bangle brace...
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Top 3 80s Fashion ideas for Today’s Guys

Top 3 80s Fashion ideas for Today’s Guys

When people refer to the 80s as the ‘decade of excess’, it wasn’t just for nothing. So many things were done in excess, especially fashion, hairstyles and lifestyles generally. The 80s fashions depicted a period when men were crazy about the popular “mullet” while women were all the rage for “big hair”.  Also, loud makeup and crazy fashion statements. Right now, the 80s clothing and styles are back in more enhanced forms. And, you can choose from inexhaustible list of themes when trying to replicate the classic 80s looks.

Here are top 5 80s fashion ideas to achieve that classic 80s looks in the 21st century;

#1: Mullet Man Look

The things you will need to achieve the Mullet Man look are;

  • Black muscle tee
  • Mullet
  • Concert shirt with r...
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Men’s 80’s Fashion – Clothing and Hairdo

Men’s 80’s Fashion – Clothing and Hairdo

Popular music stars such as Michael Jackson and MC Hammer inspired vast array of 80’s Costumes for men. The male fans and even the female fans of these popular musicians tend to copy them in different forms. Also, there were renowned musical bands that set the ball rolling for most of the 80s clothing styles. And, some of these dressing styles have become trendy in recent time.

Are you ready to go down the memory lane of 80s fashion? Okay, let’s go…

The drastic changes that took place in the fashion world during the 80s could not be hidden. The whacky outfits worn by people in this decade is just nothing compared to the rage in the 80s. For the boys and gals in the 80s, dressing was just a way to express life to the maximum...

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80s Costumes: 80s Makeup to Complement the Costumes

80s Costumes: 80s Makeup to Complement the Costumes

Indeed, with every decade comes its own unique features in terms of fashion and style. The 80s were known for their extra-ordinary fashion, some seen as fads while others were highly craved for. Also, 80s costumes and fashion were strictly matched with 80s makeups. So, if you really want to reflect the 80s fashion perfectly, you need to adhere to certain style and manner of makeup application. Keep reading…

80s Makeup to Match the 80s Costumes

80s Makeup for the Eyes and Cheeks

The first thing you must know about the 80s makeup is the excessive application. The ladies in the 80s literally caked and painted their faces just to complement their 80s costumes...

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