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80s Fashion

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The 80s fashion style has its own unique touch; from acid wash jeans to torn shirts, leg warmers and crimped, the 1980s was so special in its own way. Therefore, 80s Fashion is something worth reflecting in the 21st century, whether you want to attend a party or look different this Halloween. And, the good news is, it doesn’t cost much to dress in 80s style, you only need to get creative.

The following costume ideas reflect the 80s era perfectly;

Madonna Look

The Madonna look is a great way to achieve an iconic pop look of the 80s era. The major outfits and items to achieve this look include the following;

  • Puffy tutu skirt
  • Fingerless lace gloves
  • Bright colored tights
  • Crimped hair
  • Leather studded jacket
  • Ray Ban Sunglasses
  • Boot
  • Accessories – bangle bracelets and long necklaces

You can finish the Madonna look by using the hypo allergenic eyeliner to put little shade exactly above your lip (the left side in particular).

Flashdance Appearance

The Flashdance look is typical of the 80s costumes. And, if you want to mimic Jennifer Maniac appearance, you would need the following;

  • Leg warmers
  • Tights
  • Sweatshirts

This is how it works; cut the collar off the sweatshirt. Next, stretch the top out in such way that a side of it can lie off your shoulder comfortably. Wear your legwarmers and tights to complete the outfit. The footwear that goes with the Flashdance look is sneakers or dance-flats. In fact, some would want to typify this costume completely by going on barefoot.

The Michael Jackson Style

Dressing to look like Michael Jackson was a popular thing in the 80s, and has come back even in this 21st century with some sort of modern touch. So, when considering Rock costumes, the Michael Jackson fashion is on the top list. Here are the items to put together for Michael Jackson look;

  • Red jacket with matching pants
  • Sequin or silver glove just on one hand

A plain white t-shirt can replace a matching jacket if you can’t lay your hands on one. Wear black or red pants, and white socks in a black loafers. If your hair length and color would not reflect the Michael Jackson costume perfectly, consider getting a wig. Natural black hair and slightly long should be curled and tied backwards in a ponytail style, while leaving few strands to stray around your face. To accentuate the look, put on a black Fedora hat.

When it comes to 80s costumes, there are almost endless possibilities; you can only be limited by your imagination. As long as you put some creativity into it, be sure that heads will keep turning to admire your unique look.