80’s Costumes and Clothes Ideas for Kids

80’s Costumes and Clothes Ideas for Kids

There are varieties of styles available for kids who want to dress in the 80s for Halloween or theme party. The 80’s costumes are not just for adults but also for kids. The 1980s era was a period characterized by various fashion trends and kids were not left out.

Let your kids catch fun and bring back the days of the 80s by dressing in 80s retro chic manner, whether for Halloween or party. Keep reading to get inspiration and ideas on how to dress kids in the 80s fashion.

Rocker Boys

Becoming a rocker boy has been made easy with just a couple of 80s fashion ideas. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is to have a boy dress in dark leather jackets and skinny jeans to provide a heavy-metal look.

Alternatively, a boy can rock with brightly colored patterned leggings to achieve a glam rock look. Wearing acid-washed jeans matched with sleeveless rock T-shirts will provide the same glam rock look, especially when it is accentuated with bandannas tied around the head, thighs, or arms.

Rocker Girls

Girls can also look rocky with the 80’s costumes by leveraging a couple of ideas and tips. There are range of styles for girls to choose from in order to replicate 80s rocker girls.

If you’re looking to achieve hard-rock styles, you can make your girl child put on leather pants or black leggings matched with layers of torn-up t-shirts as well as leather jackets. And, if all you want is for a girl to achieve pop princess look, let her put on tutu-style skirt designed with netting. She should wear colorful tights underneath the skirt. This look can also be achieved with tank tops worn over lace shirts.

Preppy Looks

If a kid doesn’t want the rocker look or new wave appearance, he or she may probably want to settle for the clean-cut preppy 80s fashion. Preppies in the 1980s embraced a fashion trend and acted similar to miniature type of grown-ups loitering around local country club.

It’s easy to achieve the stunning preppie look with wool plaid skirts or cotton tennis miniskirts. This is typical of the preppie girl 80s look.

For boys, a preppie look comes easy when they wear cuffed crisp khaki pants. The unisex trend for this kids’ 80 fashion look is brightly colored short-sleeved polo shirts – collars turned up. Then, they should tie sweaters around their necks and complete the look with slip-on penny loafer shoes.

New Wave Styles

Alternative was another name given to New Waves styles in the 80s. This fashion trend was influenced by the New Wave Alternative Pop Music. It was a less luxurious as well as quirky kind of fashion compared to the glam rock style.

Both boys and girls put on black pants or baggy jeans, rolling up the cuffs. It is matched with ankle boots or high-top tennis shoes. The look is completed with band logo T-shirts, long duster coats, and suspenders. Embellish the look with a rounded glass and hat.