80s Fashion: 80s Party Outfits for Men

80s Fashion: 80s Party Outfits for Men

Nowadays, 80s fashion is fast gaining ground in the fashion world. Amazingly, they can match any purpose or event such as parties, Halloween, casual outings, sporting…just any purpose. There are tons of 80s clothing themes and accessories that guys can choose to match any 80s party. Keep reading…

The popular male musicians and rappers probably changed the way guys dressed in the 80s. As these musicians flaunted unusual dress styles and fashion accessories in their various videos and musical concerts, the male fashion arena moved with the trend rapidly. MC Hammer, Michael Jackson, and some popular musical bands were the main influencers of the men’s fashion world in the 1980s. The popular trend among guys in those days included baggy pants, cowboy or work boots, gold or silver chains, ripped sleeved shirts or black tees, bandanas tied around the neck or head, skin-tight faded jeans, funky hairstyles, and loud makeup to complement the 80s fashion for men.

Thinking of what to wear to an 80s party? Here are concepts that would spark some ideas;

Popped Up Collars

One of the fun ways to look preppy for an 80’s party is to turn the collar of your jacket up. The jean jacket will work best for this purpose. This will bring back the memories of the fabulous trendy looks in the 80s. That’s not all, you also need a polo tee to be worn under your jean jacket. Consider popping up the polo tee’s collar as well, just to achieve the coolest preppy 80 fashion look.

Need some inspiration on the popped up collars outfit for your 80s party? Watch “The Breakfast Club” movie and see how the collars of Judd Nelson’s flannel shirt was popped up. Notice that the denim jacket also had the collars popped up. Also, the 80s looks integrated rolled up sleeves, especially with a dress coat or jean jacket.

Jams 80s Fashion

Another way you can leverage the 80s fashion to make a fashion statement in an 80s party is to integrate the ‘Jams’ style. The major element of this outfit is a pair of mid-length shorts which were popularized by surfers. They are most fashionable in beautiful bright colors as well as floral patterns. This 80s clothing style worked for both guys and ladies. If you want to make a more flattering statement with the Jams, go for the straight cut.

Paint Splattered Outfit

Also, you can get noticed in an 80s party by going for the paint splattered fashion statement. I bet you, everyone in that party will travel back in time to the 80s at your appearance. This 80s fashion statement works best with sweatshirt (use an old one). Alternatively, you can use old white dress shirt. Then, use a larger paint brush and tooth brush to splatter paint on the dress.

Also, you can generate some 80s fashion inspiration for 80 party from other concepts such as the Rapper Influence, Acid Washed Jeans, and Bajas.